VFX Merit Badges


As part of our fundraising efforts for Lucasfilm's Trivia Night 2022, Team Maker's Mark Hamill is offering everyone the chance to collect a set of four woven merit patches with a merrowed edge. Let the world know what you've accomplished as part of the most Industrial, Light-filled, and Magical crew out there!

We've all been through a lot the past couple years, and the VFX industry has had its fair share of hardships. In that light, wouldn't you like to own literal badges of honor in recognition of some of the things we've had to endure?

This inaugural set includes the following merit badges:

- Favorite Shot Omitted
- Asked a Question at Speaker Series
- Did Compliance Training On Time
- Worked From Home For An Entire Show

The package of four badges comes sealed and on a backing card perfect for displaying at your desk (or the background of your video calls).

At this time, only 100 sets are available for purchase. All profits will be directly donated to Bay Area Cancer Connections, the SF LGBT Center, the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, and matched via Disney.

Shipping is expected to begin around the end of May 2022.

If you're a Lucasfilm employee working from LDAC and would like to save on shipping and pick up on campus, please enter promo code "LDAC" in checkout and I'll send you an email when your set is ready to be picked up on site.